Pomarance in Autumn

Pomarance in autunno: la Ribollita

Pomarance in Autumn: Colors, atmosphere, perfumes…

Have you chosen Tuscany as a destination for your autumn holiday and want to find out what awaits you? Pomarance, in the province of Pisa, will give you a taste of the beautiful atmosphere and the beautiful colors of autumnal Tuscany.

Pomarance, during the autumn season, compared to the summer season, awakens its medieval state in the best way, thanks to the natural lights of the autumn season, the coolness that brings with it perfumes of typical autumnal dishes of the area and the slight silence that spreads through the internal streets.

Walking in Pomarance in autumn is like living a little oasis of serenity and well-being, try it too!

But besides strolling and enjoying the climate and tranquility of the place, there is also space for the good autumnal cuisine of Pomarance.

Pomarance in Autumn: Everyone at the table!

The farmhouses with restaurant in Pomarance never close and autumn is the best time to take advantage of a regenerating break at the table.

Mushrooms, Chestnuts, Good wine, soups, beans, fresh vegetables, cheese and cold cuts platters and many other country dishes with very fresh ingredients and at km 0 are the good way to warm up in these cool autumn days; warm up with taste, what do you want more?

Pomarance in autunno/Pomarance in autumn: la Ribollita

La Ribollita: Famous Tuscan Soup with Bread Croutons

What to do during an Holiday in Pomarance?

We talked about wonderful walks, enjoying the climate and the nature that surrounds us and good food but that’s not all.

During the autumn period, moving to the Val di Cecina area, it is possible to admire the harvest; peasants engaged in olive picking and the unmistakable perfume of oil that comes from the country.

We also consider that Pomarance is located quite near the large Tuscan cities such as Pisa and Florence, an ideal destination for those looking for nightlife or want to get to know these beautiful and important cities.

Where to sleep in Poramarce?

If you are looking for a hotel with a restaurant near Pomarance that is comfortable and quiet, the Hotel Stella Marina is the place for you. You will find Restaurant, comfortable rooms, Comfort of every kind and is also near the sea!

Hotel Stella Marina

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