Val di Cecina Villages

borghi val di cecina

Not only Sea and Tourism in the areas of Val di Cecina but also history and art, thanks to the splendid historic and medieval villages that can be found around the area.

The Val di Cecina Villages, numerous and surrounded by a lot of nature, all share one fundamental thing: the historical and original taste that over the years has been jealously preserved.

Among the most renowned medieval villages we find Volterra , rich in life and famous focal point for tourism in Tuscany;

This village was made famous as the homeland of the first Italian witches, that all gathered together near the Rock of the Mandringa.

Volterra is located about 600 meters high, bordering with Val di Cecina and Val d’Era.

It’s possible to visit the small streets with a characteristic medieval taste, the small shops in the center where it is still possible to see the Alabaster work.

Another unmissable village is that of Pomarance, located about 400 meters up a hill, completely surrounded by large cultivated spaces and wooded and mysterious areas.

Pomarance is a quiet and relaxing area, ideal for a nice relaxing walk in contact with nature without missing the possibility of a unique attraction: The Devil’s Valley with its boraciferous shower heads, columns of vapor, coming out of the ground. Absolutely not to be missed.

A famous ancient village, known above all for its most touristic area is Bibbona; a large expanse of boschiferous nature will accompany you along beautiful paths for almost 1700 km.
Around the village it is still possible to see the defensive wall that surrounded the town in ancient times.
Do not miss also the beautiful beaches of “Marina di Bibbona”, a very famous place for tourism, full of services and activities.

Another beautiful village that we so much appreciate is Riparbella, a small village developed along a hillside, of very ancient origin, even in the 1000s.

Interesting especially for those who appreciate religious architecture, in Riparbella you will find ancient churches and oratories.

These are just some examples of ancient and medieval villages that you can find in the area of ​​Cecina, in reality there are so many that it is worth discovering them all, including the smallest ones, but I would like to mention it to an ancient village, the Montingegnoli Village.

Defined “ the Mysterious Village “, this small area is completely uninhabited… the deafening silence and the state of complete “emptiness” of life intrigues not just the fans.

You will find the Montingegnoli Village between the Merse and the valleys of the Cecina river and… currently awaits a buyer, you can indeed find it at the auction.

If you want to visit it, you should do it before it becomes private property!

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