The Archaeological Museum of Cecina

museo archeologico cecina Archaeological Museum of Cecina

The Archaeological Museum of Cecina, open to the public since 2003, offers a long and fascinating route that tells in a precise and detailed way the history of the ancient eras of the town of Cecina.

This story deals with a great historical period that begins with the prehistoric era and continues towards the Etruscan age, the Roman age and the Middle Ages, finding in all the route, the fruits of archaeological discoveries and the oldest and most recent finds.

In the museum garden, a monumental tomb at Etruscan tumulus, from the end of the 7th century BC, was reconstructed and its called “The Tomb of Casaglia“, a great historical piece of inestimable wealth that completes the entire tour of the Museum.

An integral part of the Cecina Archaeological Museum is the Archaeological Park of the Roman Villa of San Vincenzino, located a few kilometers from the museum.

In this park you will find the remains of one of the largest villas on the Etruscan Coast, built in the Age of Augustus and abandoned in the 5th second d.c. A great masterpiece of Roman architecture is the underground cistern.

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