Parco Gallorose: educational farm and zoo

The Parco Gallorose is a wildlife center that is home to over 150 animal species from all over the world. Opened in 2001 in a natural area of about 5 hectares on the edge of the city center of Cecina, the park is a real oasis.
The Gallorose Park’s mission is to encourage in its visitors the knowledge of domestic and wild animals, their natural habitats and the basic resources for their survival. The park is also involved in projects to support and protect endangered species.
Once you pass the entrance, visitors are guided along a path that allows you to see the animals closely and sometimes caress them.
Inside the park there are two sectors: the educational farm and the zoo. In the first sector are housed cows, sheep, donkeys, ostrich, horses, ducks, peacocks and many other domestic or farm animals. In the second sector are instead alpacas, lemurs, kangaroos, camels, lynxes, parrots and other exotic species from very distant habitats. A trip inside the park is ideal for the whole family and requires at least a day.
The Parco Gallorose can be easily reached from the Hotel Stella Marina either by car or on foot with a pleasant walk.

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