Montingegnoli Village, a “ghost” Village

Borgo di Montingegnoli village

The Montingegnoli Village, considered a “ghost” village among the numerous present in Tuscany, is one of the attractions most appreciated by lovers of desolate villages.

Today, the small village is closed in different parts, so it is currently only possible to visit some parts of the area, but this parts are enough to be fascinating and at times even a little disturbing to those who visit it.

One of the most surprising things about Borgo di Montingegnoli is its state of conservation… practically intact, with every detail still in its original state (there is even talk of the 1100s).

One of the most typical parts of Montingegnoli, is its castle with a circular garden; built around 1150, it has retained its original shape despite several renovations over the years.

The population “vanished” from the village in the mid-1800s, preferring the nearest towns or emigrating out of the Tuscan territory.

The Village is currently auctioned, waiting for a buyer, so it turns out to be a private property (which is why most of the area is closed to the public), so if you want to explore that silent and fascinating beauty, take advantage of it now, before it is finally closed and purchased.

How to get to the Montingegnoli Village?

The Village is located in the province of Siena, more precisely in the Radicondoli area.

To get to the Montingegnoli Village, go towards Belforte, cross the junction that leads to Anqua which is on the right, after about 700 meters, you will find a clearing on the right; park yourself in this open space and walk along the dirt road, which will take you to the small ghost town in just a few minutes.

This is one of the many small villages that you will find during your holiday in Tuscany, if you want to discover more, just click here to learn about some other Tuscan villages in the Val di Cecina area.

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