InBici Top Challenge in Val di Cecina

inbici - Green Fondo - Pomarance Val di Cecina - Aprile 2019

InBici presents his new event on 2019 April.

Don’t miss the opportunity to ride in a unique contex, evocative with its nature and its beauties to discovered and loved by professional bikers: The Green Fondo Paolo Bettini-La Geotermia of Pomarance, in Val di Cecina, this April 2019.

The Green Fondo, after the start, will always go on in Pisa, specially in the “Valle del Diavolo”, known by professional biker for its Green energy production.

Not just a bike ride, but a way to discover “with pedals” a landscape, perhaps underestimated, but that in reality is really noteworthy; like the fortilizio of Rocca Sillana, great example of military architecture of the eleventh century, the nature reserves of Berignone and Monterufoli-Caselli and the medieval villages of Pomarance, the capital of Geotermia Larderello and the wonderful view of Val di Cecina, view of part of Tuscany and the reflections of the sea.

To the organization we find the Velo Etruria of Pomarance and the president Maurizio Maggi who strongly wanted that to Pomarance this race was carried out, succeeding fully.

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