Wine Route of the Etruscan Coast

The Wine Route of the Etruscan Coast is an enogastronomic route that develops in the Livorno countryside. About 150 km long, this itinerary also includes the Island of Elba. The road has been created to enhance, promote and make known to tourists the excellence of food and agriculture in the area. Local products such as wine, oil, bread, cheese are very popular throughout the region. In particular the red wines of the Bolgheri, Bibbona and Montescudaio area which are also protected by the DOC and DOCG guarantee labels.
Thanks to the Wine Route of the Costa degli Etruschi it is possible to reach many wineries, farms, wine shops and participate in a tasting of local products. Some companies and farms also organize guided tours in the vineyards and in their processing rooms to discover the techniques, the aromas and secrets that contribute to making the products of this land unique.
The Wine Route of the Etruscan Coast lends itself perfectly to be walked slowly: on foot, on horseback or by bicycle. The path is not busy, rather it develops almost completely on secondary roads that run along cultivated fields or vineyards. It is therefore the ideal itinerary for the one loving slow tourism.

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