Tomboli of Cecina Nature Reserve

Riserva naturale Tomboli di Cecina

The Tomboli of Cecina Nature Reserve, is considered one of the most beautiful forests in Italy that stretch from the sea to the hinterland.

The reserve is precisely located in Marina di Cecina and includes precisely these long dunes covered by thick vegetation, called “Tomboli”, that from the beach push up into the coastal strip.

The Tomboli represent a characteristic ecosystem of the place with the purpose of defending the zones and the cultivations from the strong marine winds.

The Reserve extends for 15 km, there is a thick and very rich vegetation where holm oaks, maritime pines and domestic pines prevail and it also provides refuge for many species of animals like wild rabbits, weasels, porcupines, foxes, badgers or roe deer and, like birds, we can find turtledoves, hoopoes, green peaks and wood pigeons, that find their home inside the reserve for very long periods.

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