Hiking in Val di Cecina

Val di Cecina is a hilly area nestled between the provinces of Pisa, Siena and Grosseto. Only near the mouth of the river of the same name, the hills give way to the plain. The coastline is part of the province of Livorno and of what is known as the Etruscan Coast, a territory rich in history and charm.
From the point of view of the landscape the whole area is very suggestive and is ideal for activities such as hiking and excursions. The territory is in fact crossed by numerous waterways, in addition to the river Cecina, and characterized by a dense network of paths, routes and itineraries. Many of the best routes for hiking in the Val di Cecina develop right along the course of local streams.
Routes are available for each level of experience and varying length. The most suggestive lead from the plain to the top of the hills to admire the sea from a distance and, in the distance, the islands of the Tuscan archipelago.
The paths for hiking are the ideal track to follow even to visit the many medieval villages of the area. Volterra is certainly the most famous and well-known place, but besides this it there are also the villages of Castellina Marittima, Castelnuovo, Montescudaio, Monteverdi Marittimo, Guardistallo, Montecatini, Riparbella. These are ancient Etruscan-Roman settlements that have kept their original medieval structure almost intact.

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