Dog beaches in Cecina

Cecina is an ideal destination for family holidays, including four-legged members. In the area there are all the necessary services for the care of dogs and cats and to them is also dedicated some stretches of sandy coast.
There are two dog beaches in Cecina: Gorette and Fosso Nuovo, located north and south of the city respectively. Known as the Bau Beach of Cecina, these beaches have fine and soft sand and plenty of space to play freely with your dog. The stretch reserved for animals and their owners is long between 60 and 100 meters with direct access to the sea. There is no service on the beaches so it is advisable to bring umbrella, chairs and everything you need to care for your pet.
Behind the beach there is a wonderful pine forest that guarantees coolness and shade even during the hottest hours of the day. It is the ideal place to take a dog for a walk between one dive and another.
Dog beaches in Cecina are well kept and very popular during the summer. The owners are required to pay maximum attention to their dogs so that they do not disturb the people present and do not dirty the area. Hotel Stella Marina is happy to welcome guests’ pets at no extra charge.

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