Cycling in Cecina and surroundings

Cycling is the best way to explore Cecina and its surroundings. The town lends itself particularly well to cycling as, despite being very busy, does not know heavy traffic even in the vicinity of the historic center. Moreover, its coastline is characterized by a vast Mediterranean pinewood, the Tombolo di Cecina, which is ideal to be crossed by bicycle.
Cecina is the perfect starting point to explore the valley of the homonymous river that here flows into the sea. Following the course of the river backwards, it soon leads us away from the crowded beaches and we start pedaling in the open countryside. Val di Cecina is a real Mediterranean oasis where many historic villages are concentrated.
Cyclists have access to a well-developed network of routes that is mostly divided into long country roads and scenic dirt roads. Cycling in this natural context means appreciating the territory, its resources, its history. The valley has no significant relief so the routes are free of challenging climbs, ideal for the whole family.
Within a few kilometers from the Hotel Stella Marina do not miss the medieval villages of Miemo, Casale Marittimo, Bibbona, Montescudaio and Volterra. An excursion to the latter destination, however, is about 40 km long: a distance that is perhaps too demanding for those traveling by bicycle with children.

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